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Luxurious Signature Golden Milk

Golden milk by Peelz of Norway

I am very proud to introduce you to one of the latest baby, this is a very exclusive Signature product: a spesial Golden milk powder mix.

I have blended only top quality ingredients in order to give you a powerful and spicy beverage, ready to be mixed into warm coconut, oat or almond milk or normal milk. Put a little tea spoon while warming up the milk and add a tea spoon of coconut oil for a better absorption of all those spices and you will feel the golden rush energizing in your body. If you want to have some funny golden foam on the top, wip the spices and the milk as you warm up the drink. This golden powder can also be added to top a cappuccino or a latte, to have a twisted coffee version, just be creative!


Fijian turmeric root powder, ginger root powder*, black pepper powder, clove powder, shatavari powder*, maca powder,  moringa powder*, cinnamon powder*, vanilla powder.

* CO2 extracted, super powerfull ingredients.

How to use

One little tea spoon (3-4 gr max) in a cup of tea, mix together with a little tea spoon of coconut oil, and 3-4 dl of milk, coconut, almond, rice or oat milk. Serve warm and stire before drinking. Enjoy.


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