New website!!

New website!!

Here we go, the new WEBSHOP is out! 

After some strange and not easy times for many of us, I decided to go all in for a new webshop. Here it will be easier for each on of you  to have a simple peek in all my products. 

Last NEWS about the products.The scrubs still have the same good tones, found in the same nice norwegian"honey"jars, but now they all have been now upgraded with some natural preservatives, that is :

E vitamin oil, perfect for the skin regeneration and elasticity and a touch of essential oils, to make the smell last longer and which is also a natural preservative. All these ingredients will help your scrub to live a longer period (5-6 months) and probably longer if you keep your scrub in a dark and cold place... it is still a bit like fresh food, but lasts longer this time, please use your common sense and nose, I still use some scrubs that i made last year!

Loyli masters course by AROMEN in Belgia, has been soooo interesting. The course was on herbal treatment and the way of making natural skin products with herbs... it was amazingly rich in inspiration and knowledge, thank you Helene!

In addition to the previous product range, I am proud to introduce you to my two latest babies:

The first one is AYURVEDA, perfect for yoga people, vegans or Indian tradition nerds, bringing a more spicy tone to the collection. This scrub is meant to be a harmonising and cleansing treat for your skin. 

The second one is SNØFNUGG, the Xmas edition, to prepare you for the winter times, fresh and calming. These light tone will give you a relaxing winter scrub and bring you back next to the fireplace of your cabin. 

I am proud to tell you about the offer ABONNMENT possibility as well, allowing you to order a scrub every month with 20% off and delivered at your door. This deal will also give you the opportunity to try different smells according to the seasons of the year and the special limited editions. 

In the FUTURE, i am also going to reveal more and more of the different articles that can be purchased in the store and the offers coming... there will be teas, herb bags and extracts, essential oils, clay, and many other items, so write yourself in and get the latest infos! 

This website is the result of many hours hard work and many hands in different pots! A big big thanks for the ones who have contributed once again to this exiting new project! Heidi, Neil, Hans Kåre, Anders and Bjørn, this is form my heart: THANK YOU for your support.

With the warmest regards to all of you out there, 

Jerome Richter and the Peelz of Norway team. 



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