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Herbal Tea Chocolate Fondant "à la Gutseau"

Chocolate Cookie Tea

Would you like to have a nice drinking dessert ? This tea is a wonderful cup of sweet chocolate flavours.

Organic Genmaicha Roasted Chocolate tea is a very interesting in between a warm chocolate taste and a nutty tone of Genmaicha: green tea and roasted brown rice. This mix is a perfect dessert tea for late evenings...


Cocoa peel, cocoa beans, malt (15%), Genmaicha green tea (roasted rice, green tea and green matcha tea) (10%), roasted chicory root, coconut, carob, cocoa powder and aroma. Allergens: Contains gluten.

how to use

Temperature: 100°c

Time: 6-8 mn

Quantity: 1-2 tea spoon

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