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St. Olavs Face scrub

St. Olav's Face scrub

This is a perfect scrub for sensitive skins and really nice for the face. It's a soothing and calming face treat, with plants that were cultivated in the closter gardens around Tønsberg, for 800 years ago. The effect is repearing and soothing your face skin, specially if you have some acne or redness, you can even have a taste..


Sucrose (brown sugar), Sucrose (white sugar), Avena sativa (oat), Stellaria media (Chickweed), Acacia Apissence Acasia honey, Prunus amygdalus with Calendula officinalis (calendula flower extract), Prunus Armeniaca kernel oil (almond oil), Tocopherol, Lavandula angustifolia essential oil, Helichrysum italicum essential oil. 

How to use

Wash your face with not too warm water. Take a little nut of scrub in your hand, mix it with some water to get the wished consistence. It's nice to be able to massage your skin and feel the sugar christals rolling on your face. Rinse gently and tap dry. 


Put the lid firmly in place and store at room temperature, preferably in a cool and dark place. If your scrub is too dry, you can add a little water to get the desired consistency but you will activate the products and it will go out of date faster, since there are no conservatives. Bring the dose you need, instead of the whole jar, into the shower. Really recommended for the face. Use circular motions. It's your time to take care of your body, so enjoy the ritual.

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