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Lemon (BIO)

With the Lemon essential oil from Aromen, you can jump into an energized and uplifted mood. The lemon oil is derived from the highly fragrant yellow fruit, is used by many to encourage harmonious feelings and to purify the body. The fresh and light scent from this summery fruit is fleeting and subtle but is bound to enrich your ambience and can both stimulate and relax. Lemon essential oil supports your immune system and purifies the air. On the mind, lemon essential oil has both a stimulating and relaxing effect. It enhances productivity while also improving the mood. 

  • Uplifting, enhances productivity
  • Energizing, improves your mood
  • Cleansing, purifying.

The Lemon essential oil from Aromen is organically certified and is 100% pure. One bottle contains 11 ml. Combine with one of our Aromen diffusers.

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